Given name: Golriz

Surname: Nikjooy

Field of study:Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Urban Design

Work experience: 8 years

Post: Assistant Manager of Atelier Architecture

Hobby: Drawing and Video games


You can , because you want!!

Ramyar Mohamadi

Given name: Ramiar

Surname: Mohammadi

Field of study:mechanical engineering

Work experience: 8 years

Post: Assistant Manager of Project Control

Hobby: Study on physics and mysticism


Everything that is real is surrounded by a wall of fear.

Imposing yourself in the walls requires every roof.

Sky is my only roof.

Given name : Malihe

Surname : Rostami

Field of study : Architectural Engineering

Work experience : 12 years in Aria Noor Poya

Manage : Run and control the project

Hobby : Learning foreign languages


The world is so wide that it is a place for all creatures, so instead of getting someone’s place we try to find our true place.