Board of directors

Establishment of ARIA NOOR POYA was result of the collaboration of a group of first-level management and the incorporation of several domestic and foreign companies, and have been active in the field of research and technical architecture and engineering.
A group of alumni of the world’s top universities (Italy, UK, Germany, US, Latin America) as well as graduates of prestigious universities of Iran (Tehran University, Sharif University and University of Science and Technology) whom brilliant academic records and productive work resume made them efficacy experienced executives that always are such as teachers for the young and energetic personnel in different areas of cooperation and motivation for entire company.

Majid NikjooySaeid NikjooyHamidreza AzimiAsghar Mohseni Sajjadi
Managing DirectorChairman of board of directorsMember of board of directorsMember of board of directors
PHD of “Urban Policy & Project”, Polytechnic” and Doctorate in “Architecture” of polytechnic Milan, Italy

Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Plymouth Polytechnic, England

Electronic Systems and Control Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University, England

Postgraduate in Information Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University, England

Member of the institution of Electrical Engineers, Royal Charter, England

Bachelore of Architectural Engineering, Frankfurt Technical University, Germany